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Mainstreet talk

12/4/17 - The Mentzer Road/Main Street intersection is open. Construction continues with street light installation and final grading. Please drive slowly and carefully as there will still be workers and equipment in the area. Thanks for you continued patience.

11/22/17 - The intersection of Main Street. and Mentzer Road is open to North, South, and East bound traffic. Main Street westbound remains closed to through traffic. Lighting, signage and final grade work will be starting the week of 11/27. PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY as the workers will still be in the area!

11/20/17 - The Main Street/Mentzer Road WILL NOT be opening today as originally anticipated. Depending on how the concrete cures, we expect the intersection to be opened by Monday, November 27th. Thank you for your continued patience.

11/8/17 - The railroad tracks on Main Street will be CLOSED Thursday, November 9 at 7:00 a.m. to complete the crossing. The railroad tracks should reopen on Tuesday, November 14th. The detour remains to be north to County Home Road or South to Boyson Road. PLEASE do not attempt to cross the railroad tracks until the barricades are removed. We appreciate your cooperation.

The Contractor is currently pouring the Main Street intersection and is on schedule to re-open on November 20th. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DRIVE ON THE NEW CEMENT. We appreciate your cooperation.

10/17/17 - The Main Street/Mentzer Road intersection will CLOSE to ALL TRAFFIC at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, October 18th. This intersection is scheduled to reopen after 6:00 p.m. on November 20th. Please follow detour signs.

9/29/17 - The construction company is pouring the rest of Main Street today and will be working late into the night to complete the pouring, curing, and cutting and scoring of the concrete. This work will result in noise in the area well into tonight.

PLEASE stay off the newly paved section to give the proper amount of time to cure! We will send a notice when it will open for traffic.

Thank you!

8/10/17 - Both the north side and the south side of the Troy Road/Main Street intersection is open, along with the north and south sides of the Second Street/Main Street intersection. Main Street remains to be closed at the railroad tracks.

8/8/17 - The south side of the Troy Road/Main Street intersection will open at 9:00 a.m. Wednesday 8/9/17. The south side of the Main Street/Second Street intersection will close at 9:00 a.m. Wednesday 8/9/17. The north side of the Main Street/Second Street intersection will remain open.

8/7/17 - Troy Road is closed north and south of the Main Street intersection for asphalting today and tomorrow. Main Street is open to 2nd Street.

7/31/17 - Main Street from Robinwood Drive to Troy Road is now open to traffic. Main Street from Troy Road east is closed to traffic. Maxfield Lane from Main Street to South Second Street is closed to traffic. Please drive slowly and carefully!!!

7/25/17 - 11:00 a.m. Effective immediately and until further notice the Troy Road/Main Street intersection is now open to north/south traffic on Troy Road. Main Street from Troy Road west to Robinwood Drive is closed. Main Street from Troy Road east is closed to traffic. Maxfield Lane from Main Street to South Second Street is closed to traffic. Please drive slowly and carefully!!!

7/12/17 - Main Street from the Dry Creek Bridge to Maxfield Lane will be closed to all traffic until July 28th, 2017. This closure includes the Main Street/Troy Road intersection. Use Maxfield Lane to access South Troy Park and surrounding neighborhoods. Maxfield Lane is narrow, so please drive slowly and carefully!

7/5/17 - We have been informed by the Contractor Phase 1 of the reconstruction project (installation of the storm sewers) has been completed!

Phase 2 of the project consists of removing the asphalt and installing the new road. They have informed us Main Street will be totally closed the rest of this week from the bridge to Maxfield Lane. The detour route is north on north Mentzer Road to County Home Road west to Quass Road and South to Main Street, or south on Mentzer Road, West to Boyson Road and north on Robins Road to Main Street. Thank you.


3/31/17 - This year the City of Robins will undertake a major public improvement project which will have long term benefits but will cause short to intermediate interruptions for our citizens. The project is the reconstruction of Main Street from Mentzer to Troy Road.

The purpose of the reconstruction project is to make this portion of Main Street an urban cross section street to be compatible with Main Street east of Mentzer. The project includes moving overhead utility wires to underground service, improving street lighting, improving the storm water management system, providing sidewalks and bicycle lanes, providing a suitable concrete base, curb and gutter, and widening of the street to accommodate vehicle traffic. The total cost of the project will be approximately $2,000,000 This project will begin on Tuesday April 4, 2017 and shall be completed by December 1, 2017.

In 1974 David Bromberg recorded a song entitled Main Street Moan. While this project will cause interruptions of our usual patterns, we do not want it to become a Moan but rather a project we can all accomplish and support. Because Main Street is the only east/west street through Robins, the City Council and Staff have had many meetings with citizens, organizations, and police and fire safety personnel to make this project be completed as safely and easily as possible with the least disruption.

The project will be completed in phases in order to minimize disruption of traffic. The City will post signs at both the East and West side of the project. For up to date real time information about detours and travel information go to which will take you directly to information you need to know. It is important we have good communication during this project. I plan to keep you updated in each Community News distribution and we will keep the real time information posted here.

I know this project will be a major inconvenience for all of us but when it is finished we will benefit and be proud of it.

If you have questions or comments contact Robins City Hall 393-0588 or email me at

Thank you.

Mayor Chuck Hinz


Phase 1


Phase 1


Phase 1: Updated

6/17/17 - Good Monday Morning! The Contractor has advised us that Main Street will be closed from this morning June 12th until atleast Monday, June 26th.The detour route is north on north Mentzer Road to County Home Road west to Troy Road and South to Main Street, or south on Mentzer Road, West to Boyson Road and north on Robins Road to Main Street. Thank you.


6/7/17 - We have been notified by the Contractor of the Main Street project the need to change the detour route. Effective Thursday, June 8th, the street will be closed from Front Street to Northaven Drive. The detour route will be North to County Home Road or South to Boyson Road. As of now,they are planning on having the entire Main Street open for the upcoming weekend. Thank you.


6/1/17 - The contractor continues to install storm sewer pipes along Main Street. Main Street will be CLOSED between Mentzer Road and Northaven Drive until June 12th. The detour route is Northaven Drive. PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY ON THE DETOUR!!! There are several children who live on Northaven who are not used to having heavy traffic on their street!! Alternate routes are recommended.


5/19/17 - Main Street will be CLOSED Monday, May 22nd, beginning at 6:00 a.m. through Tuesday, May 23rd at the railroad tracks. Detour signs will be posted. Please plan an alternate traffic route.

4/13/17 - The construction project has been temporarily delayed. However, beginning April 24th, construction will begin with installation of the storm sewer service.  Beginning the week of April 17th, tree removal will occur in the project area.  We are still anticipating Main Street will remain open to traffic in both directions with possible delays at times. 

3/31/17 - The Main Street Reconstruction Project is going to start April 4th, 2017. Phase 1 consists of installing the storm sewer pipe, including boring under the railroad crossing. This phase is anticipated to be complete June 4th, 2017. Two-way traffic will be maintained along Main Street during the work with narrowed lanes and temporary lane closures during the day. The cuts across the road will be filled with rock and could potentially be very rough. To avoid delays, alternative routes are highly suggested.


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